House rules for beer pong

house rules for beer pong

The All-Time Greatest Beer Pong House Rules. Without rules, the game would be drunken chaos. Put some of your favorite in the comments!. Ok I know there are a million threads about beer pong /beruit or what ever but not recent and I just want to know your favorite not your whole house rules. If the ball gets into your cup, but is spinning around, you have the chance to blow it out before it stops spinning. If you bounce it off of something. house rules for beer pong


Beer Pong 101 I don't know if it's a normal rule or not, I basically play with the same people every time. TheNewCarterNov 13, Beer Pong Rules College Drinking Games Party Rules House Rules House Party College Parties Diy Games Olympics The Grass Forward. Nov 10, Messages: And the other one I remember was that if you bounce it off the table and make it, you get three cups. Jenga Pong - Normal set-up of 10 cups - 6 cups stacked on top of original 10 - 3 cups stacked on top of the 6. They don't have to stargejms but the cups .


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